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Chile - That means five hundred kilometers coastline, powerfull, consistent swell, left point after left point and no sharks ! That means awesome surfing for you! Some of the best surf is in the small Chilean Surf town of PICHILEMU, the perfect place to start your Surfing Tour. You will find tours ranging from 7 and 10 day tours, some tour operators will even do custom tours ( ask for custom made Surf tours ). Most Surf tours can be individually adjusted to your needs. With all tours it's all about the surf: so make you get the best waves there are!

If you are a beginner you can find some lessons here Lessons

You can explore all different kinds of waves, according to your abilities.

Staying in Chile and you will surf in lots of diferent surfing spots, and stay in the most beautifull places. Chile is very civilized country, with a blessed nature, landscape and sea. Once you leave Chile you will be allways looking forward to go back.

You can surf at Punta Lobos and the Pichilemu area, where 3 other waves wait for you. Depending to swell conditions you can go to some other good places near Pichilemu. If you have a week and want to surf the more you can - this is your choice !

On these tours you'll see more from Chile, you can visit museums and winerys in the Pichilemu area. Take a day trip depending to the swell and you will see more good spots. Information courtesy of Antor.org